Pharmastock S.A. is a rapidly expanding company operating in the field of healthcare services. Our area of specialisation is the wholesale and distribution of pharmaceuticals, while our long term goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices that create added value for our customers and large savings for consumers and societies.


Our vision is to support modern pharmacies that will actively contribute in safeguarding and promoting public health.


Our mission is to continually offer reliable and innovative solutions that ensure high quality healthcare services provided by pharmacies.


The healthcare sector is heavily affected by constant changes forced by technological advances and R&D. As a result adopting innovative solutions and initiatives offers a competitive advantage both to our company and our business associates. Advanced technology equipment like the automated Rowa storage system, wireless scanners for order picking and control systems for accuracy checking all ensure fast and error-free deliveries while our online order placement system offers convenience and valuable time to our customers.


Our long-term presence has been based on the reliability and consistency of our service. This effort has resulted in a constant growth and development which corresponds to an increasing market share.


We ensure that our high standards of service are met at all times including ideal conditions of storage that are in line with the European Union good distribution practices as well as the ISO 9001 certification.


The spirit of partnership including respect and communication runs throughout all our business transactions, inside and out the company. We aim at creating value through strategic alliances that improve the quality of our service.

Corporate social responsibility is deeply incorporated in our business culture both as a means to create value and as a way to make a contribution to our community.

Access to Healthcare

At Pharmastock S.A. we are committed to develop innovative practices that ensure access to healthcare with the utmost speed and quality of service. We also strive for the most competitive prices thus we aim at tackling health inequalities within our society.

People & Communities

Working in the healthcare sector we are focusing on promoting the wellbeing of our people providing the best working conditions as well as the wider community through philanthropic activities.

Diverse Workforce

We make efforts to foster diversity in our workforce while offering a friendly and innovative environment that empowers our people to expand their skills and build a successful career.


We are deeply concerned about the environmental impact of our activities. Our fleet is comprised of environmental friendly vehicles with little CO2 footprint. We make efficient use of natural resources and take specific measures to dispose of unused medicines.